Benson Rd Residence

Remuera • Auckland

This stately home had been the recipient of a number of renovations that had aimed to connect rooms to each other. However, the result was a home with lots of narrow corridors, living spaces facing the wrong way and lots of doors. This spatial layout didn’t work for our client, who with a busy family of 5 wanted to create spaces that were open and inviting but also connected to areas where adults and teenagers could retreat easily. 

Having worked with this client before we understood how we could work with them to push boundaries and in doing so creating favourite features and spaces. These include the herringbone tiled wall in the living room and a dedicated, glamorous bar alongside the kitchen and dining area. The result is a glamorous and sophisticated interiors that reflects the clients completely.

Area: 450 sqm
Location: Remuera
Date: 2020
Architect: Jones Architect
Photography: Hannah Richards

Benson Rd Residence
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